March Full Moon Sweat Lodge

This fullmoon was for changes, healing all the old wounds. The time to find the right balance between real and dream, relax and action and the connection with mother earth and the own health.

The moon stands into the virgin  = element earth

And the sun into the fish = element water

The first fullmoon of springtime.

It was wonderful to see all these awesome divine souls again and meet new once, at the stone people lodge – the fullmoon-sweatlodge.

I feel so blessed to be here, here on this magical place where I meet so wonderful people – soulfamily. Souls who looks for growing, healing, sharing, finding their own way and place in this world.

Spirits where dancing around, ancestors were knocking on the door, been open to heal together.

For me it`s everytime magical to be a part of a sweatlodge, at part of incredible healing. And It dosent matter if im inside the lodge or outside. Healing is inside and outside, all at the same time.

To be in the service, as water-keeper, holding the space with the fire-keeper and other amazing souls was very special.

I felt all the old stuff that was needed to heal, who wants to heal. I felt so touched from all. Felt tears come and fears gone. Tears of sadness, salty tears that cleared all the fears, sadness, anger – changed to tears of freedom, LOVE and happiness, to be ONE with each and everything.

in-lak-ech, namaste, aush-te-hey    Silvi

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