I feel so much Gratitude!


Great Spirit, thank you for your call & each breath I do.

Gratitude for myself, that I have done this step. Even if it is sometimes not easy. Without a grid, double floor, walking through the world. However, at the same time it is extremely freedom and an order to be just in the moment, because I definitely do not know what will be tomorrow. Therefore, I enjoy the moment.

Gratitude for all the evolution inside of me.

Gratitude for all the growing about my meditations. Therefore I get every time new Information’s (updates) and I can growing up in my spiritual being. Gratitude for all the ancestors (work), which is so unbelievable valuable.

Gratitude for all the wonderful Souls, cross my way and those who walk with me for a while. Gratitude for all the wonderful impulses.

Gratitude that, I can walk on you Mother Earth.

You protect me, you feed me and you teach me – unconditional love & deep deep trust.

Gratitude for my inner child.

About this wonderful being, I am every time new able to stroll in Innocence, basic Trust, without judgment / classification, without label, only watches the world with curiosity.

in-lak-ech, Namaste Silvi

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