Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is discribed as one of a small number of global “power centers”. They say Mount Shasta is the root chakra of the earth.

Since i`m here i feel the energie. We was called to come to mount shasta, to work with the energie in this area. We installed here for seven day s a cristall grid, to harmonize this wonderful space.

And here a wonderful meditation from

Alchemical meditation for the World Base Chakra:

The Wheel of Everlasting Liberty has turned.
Infuse the Heart of Matter with the Energy of Primordial Life,
Let Earth exalt the Stars…
May your Body Temple grow Radaint,
May your Starlight shine today on all Beings. (Robert Coon)

More about Mount shasta:

Thank you Great Spirit.

in-lak-ech, Namaste Silvi

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