The Golden Light Retreat Center – Sedona / Arizona


Silvi is a wonderful person! She stayed with me for several weeks and we did an exchange  of housing for helping to fix things up at my retreat center, Golden Light Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona.

Silvi was a tremendous help! She is an extremely hard worker with an incredible work ethic. We were in the beginning stages of fixing it up and to this day we still have people complimenting us on Silvi’s work.

Silvi is a giver! No matter how much we gave her, she always gave more back. It would be my pleasure if Silvi came back to stay with us again.

Silvi creates beautiful partnerships with whoever she works with.

Silvi also did a beautiful water healing ceremony for us in our Sanctuary. It was an incredible experience! The water that was blessed was put on our flowers in our healing garden. Those flowers grew faster and fuller than any flowers on our property!

Silvi  is a blessing to work with! We loved her ceremonies and her ideas for our retreat center. I would feel blessed and honored if Silvi would come back to Sedona and do ceremony on our property again.

In gratitude,

Karen Golden


Founder and owner

The Golden Light Retreat Center

Sedona, Arizona USA


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