my Gifts – my offerings

All my offerings / gifts are guided by mother earth & the great spirit

All is offered and in energy exchange by Love Donation

Balance – give with love, to open your self up to recive.

My offerings are

Energy Healing Work / Single

  • Massage to relax the body
  • Body scans
  • Healing with crystal

CordCut / Single

Water is life / Group & Single

  • Water meditation
  • Water ceremony
  • Water prayer
  • Water healing

ShamanCoaching: Ancestor Work / Single

  •   Timeline Work / discover and heal

Space & Place

  • Cleaning, Clearing and Transforming
  • Place, Space, Room, House

Retreat, Workshops, Meditaion

  • Shamanic Meditation incl. ancestor healing
  • TalkingStick Workshop for a better communication and understanding, how to create and to use
  • Explore the 4 Directions Retreat (4 Days) Explore the qualitis from the East, South, West, North
  • Explore the 8 Directions Retreat (8 Days) Explore the qualitis from the East, East/South, South, South/West, West, West/North, North, North/East


  • MedicineWheel
  • WaterMedicineWheel
  • Waterblessing

Coaching and WingWave-Coaching

Spiritual HandcraftArt

each creation is

  • with the energie from the place
  • out of natural material
  • individual
  • made with empathy & LOVE

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