Feb. 09

“Feb. 09.” Now it s nine days ago i start my journey.  I’m so thankful that I can stay here in chatsworth – georgia, I can start my journey here.  Thankful, I can be here by this awesome beauty people Tom Blue Wolf and Sonya Davis, here in this beautiful area.  I’m blessed to be here, I’m full of gratitude.

The last days I stayed mostly outside, to clear the area around the sweat lodge. I talk lot with mother earth and the stones. Yesterday I had a smaltalk with a lizard; he was so close to me.   Each time if I go outside to, I’m protected from the dogs Rose, Bear, Gipsy …..

I feel so grounded It s just a wonderful place, who wants to grow up to the vision, Tom and Sonya have.

By the end of this week, we will have a sweat lodge. I’m very excited about that, cause it s a very special time, it s full moon in leo (fire) and sun in aquarius (air), lunar eclipse and a comet.

In lak ech, Namaste Silvi

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