Earth Shift Conference June 01.- Desert Hot Springs

Sometimes if you do not think – what will be – when you even only are – the doors going open by them self.

So it was – I was invited to the earth sift conference. However, I do not know how this should work. I only knew – I want to go.

So I ask for what I need. Exchange for the ticked, a ride and a place to sleep.

What was coming out- exchange for the ticket – I stand on stage and could share my medicine, my experience with the water. A place to sleep, a friend know a friend who life in desert hot springs, the ride – I had to ride by bus and had a ride back with wonderful souls.

All together, I was on stage, had many amazing experiences, meet lots wonderful souls and heard incredible speakers and their experiences.

After the earth shift conference
In desert hot springs.
Best place for me Wi Spa in Los Angeles / june 06th
1. Jade sauna -heart wide open
2. Salt sauna – Clearing
3. Bulgama sauna – Integration
4. Yakusi – Flowting
5. Relax – Meditation ⛤⛦✡♪

Could see the conference at all, the frequency and vibes from a meta position. Got the view of all ressorces to integrate. I feel sooooo blessed meet and connected with all the divine souls.

in-lak-ech  Namaste Silvi

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