Silvi Lighting Feather is a shamanic healer, teacher and facilitator – with an emphasis on water healing and protection.

She was born Silvia Diop and her professional career began in Germany as a NLP Master Coach and Practitioner and WingWave Coach, where she saw clients privately as well as lectured at various educational programs for both youth and adults.

Some years ago, she was introduced to Shamanisim, and quickly realized that her background in coaching gave her many tools that were transferrable to her Shamanic studies.

She received Shamanic training and teachings by Sun Dragon (Helmut Christoph) in Germany, Rainbow Thunder Heart aka Bavado – Blue Thunder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, Tom Blue Wolf of the Muskogee Nation and Dane Ngahuka – Mauta Kumara – Maori Tohunga of the Maori.

In 2015, she attended the Eagle, Quetzal, Condor Gathering in Sedona, AZ. This experience profoundly impacted her, transforming her career path. Silvi shifted from coaching to offering live meditations, intuitive healing work, healing ceremonies, ancestor purification, cord-cutting, medicine wheels, sweat lodges, work with crystals, energetic clearing & balancing of people and spaces.

She had deep experiences specially with the element water.

Silvi is a true lover of humanity and see everyone as an individual, with countless talents and abilities. To offer support and to be a reminder of how important it is to practice self-love and self-care is a firm component of her work.

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